A well trainied dog is a happy confident dog.

Online Training Academy

Online Training Academy

Online Training Academy

Dog Agility | Cardiff Join for 2020

Dog Agility | Cardiff Join for 2020

Dog Training Classes

Dog Training Classes

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Comprehensive Dog Training & Behaviour Services

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Canis Online Training Academy 

Learn from the comfort and safety of your own home LIVE with a professional dog trainer.




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Fun & Educational

Our mission is to give dogs and their owners alike the information and training needed to live a fulfilled life. We want to provide you and your 'doggo' the support you need throughout the providing you with all of your dog training needs locally using friendly, force free training methods. You can find your local dog training class here. From online dog training videos to one to one training at your home and training classes. Below are the options for you to choose depending on the type of service you require.

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New Online Dog Training Academy AVAILABLE NOW!


Big Reds Journey

Big Red was a dog on deathrow in Romania. He was rescued by James and Gemma from Canis. You can follow his story here, it's heartwarming.

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