About us..
James Davies
Dog Behaviour Specialist

My desire to work with dogs comes from an early age, from always having dogs to share my life experiences and the rewarding relationship it can bring and actually improving my well being.

Veterinary practitioners have always looked after the physical well being of my four legged friends.  But who was there to help those with psychological and behavioural issues that to is detrimental to their quality of life.  Having had dogs bring so much satisfaction and fulfilment to my life, I wanted to give something back, I therefore re-homed several dogs whose behavioural issues set them back from having a loving home.  

Chip aka "Mr.C"

Born in 2008, Chip is a black and white Collie.  My Right Hand Man.....

To be able to engage with my clients whilst also observing and correcting unwanted behaviour from their dogs, I rely on the skill and prompt reaction from Chip.

He is my right hand man, whilst I am able to predict unruly behaviour, Mr C's instinct & advantage of having four legs means the unwanted behaviour can be addressed so much faster so that a dog learns what behaviour is acceptable far quicker.

Penny aka "Penny Wren"

Penny also born in 2008, was rescued at the age of 18 months.  Penny was dog aggressive and was very nervous of humans.  Penny has come an awful long way to the point that she now helps me to identify hidden aggression in dogs.  Penny accompanies me to most consultation.  I gather as much information about a dog from its owner and gain a general idea of it's character.  However, it's the subtle behaviours that can be undetectable to the human eye that can reveal so much more.  To an owner aggression can be mistakenly linked to confidence when really in many cases it is a lack of confidence that makes a dog aggressive. Dogs can sense the underlying problem in an instant which is why I use Penny in my assessments.

Kiki aka "Kiki Beaky"

2011 - 2013 ... Kiki was born in 2011 and came to me at the age of 12 weeks.  She was unwanted by her first owners.  Kiki was a pure white German Shepard X Siberian Husky, weighing approximately 27Kg she was considered a large dog.  Being the breed that she was she was sometimes feared by many yet her friendly nature would win every single person I came into contact with.

Unfortunately she died on the 5th of February 2013 due to a tragic accident.  Kiki helped a lot of dogs and helped a lot of people understand more about dog behaviour, her memories will stay strong for many years to come.      


“I first met James when a friend asked if I wanted to go along to the social walk at Cosmeston one Sunday. Finn was pulling on the lead and 'screaming' at every gate we came to. James explained how the amount of attention and discipline at home effect how a dog behaves, He demonstrated how to correct his behaviour when approaching a gate and straight away he made some improvement" 

Becky Peterson with Finn the spaniel