Dog Agility
Dog agility is a fast going fun dog sport, from fun to competition standard, agility is a great way to completely fulfil your dogs needs.
To join an agility group you will first need to complete one of the following: 
Little Canis
Level 1 Obedience
plus you will need to complete the Agility Intro class. Unless you have completed Level 3 obedience which allows automatic enrolment. 
We have 2 types of agility, Pupgility and Adult Agility. Pupgility is for pups under the age of 12 months, it is a low impact group for pups who are still growing. Dogs under 12 months are susceptible to stress and strain on their growing joints and so the full use of the agility apparatus is restricted to ensure pups don't sustain any long lasting injuries.
How to book...
STEP 1:  Choose your class.
STEP 2:  Pay online to reserve a place.
STEP 3:  Meet at the location.
STEP 4:  Train for Agility
To join an agility group you will need to complete the Intro Class unless you have already completed Level 3 Obedience. Intro classes are suitable for both pups and adult dogs.
Our agility is held at our Cardiff Training Centre near Cardiff Gate
All of our Agility classes are for 4 weeks, it is a continuous programme but we offer the flexibility of only having to commit to 4 weeks of training at any one time. 
The Intro Class is a one off class lasting around 1 hour which introduces you and your dog to the course apparatus and the idea of how we train.