Barry Training Classes


Is your dog pulling your arm off?  

Do they pull towards everything that moves?

Would you like to have your dog walking nicely by your side?

This class is designed to help you get your dog walking by your side instead of pulling your arm off!  Unlike many classes that try and cover this subject in a training class inside a hall or in a room where the dog will do anything for a treat, we will train out doors in the "real" world.  Using what distractions we get from people walking past with and without dogs to children playing in the back ground, this class will teach your dog to ignore what's going on around them and focus on you.  

Lead walking Training Class

Course Information..

​Course Length  -  6 week course Cost  -  £35.00.

Location  -  Jackson's Bay, Barry Island (Full details will be sent out via email)

Age Group  -  6 months +

New Class Dates & Times..

​We offer 2 course dates in Barry, one is on a Wednesday evening and the other is on a Saturday Morning.  The next classes start on:  

  • Monday 8th July @ 6:30pm
  • Saturday 6th July @ 10:00am

How To Book

STEP 1:  Complete the on line

                 booking form below.
STEP 2:  Choose class date that 

                  you would like to attend.
STEP 3:  Pay on line to reserve a

STEP 4: Receive confirmation  

                 via email within 48  

STEP 5:  Meet at the location

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On-line Booking Form

If you would like to attend any of the above classes then please complete this on-line booking form. Full details of what you will need to bring and location details will be sent out via email.