September 23, 2018

Force Free Dog Training, Positive Reinforcement Training, Modern Dog Trainer.. Maybe all of these phrases are self explanatory but maybe they aren't. In this article I want to discuss the topic of Force Free Dog Training and what that really means.

There are thousands o...

November 10, 2017

The Border Collie is renowned for its chasing(herding) of moving things and the need for extreme amounts of exercise. As true as this maybe, it's important to understand what you are expecting from your Border Collie.

There is a quote that says, "A Border Coll...

July 26, 2017

When we think of dog training we think 'treats', lots of treats!! Bacon flavour treats, yummy sausages, tasty chicken, perhaps those 'treaty biscuits' that were on offer at your local pet store!?

Well what if I told you that all you really needed was your dogs food!?...

April 19, 2017

When you first start training your dog, be sure to train in a 'Low Level Distraction' (LLD) environment.

'LLD' or Low Level Distraction environments are based on your dogs ability, concentration levels and social skills. Each dog will respond differently in each environ...

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Exercising a Border Collie

November 10, 2017

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