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Obedience Training Class

This class is open to all dogs aged 6 months and over. This training class will give you a foundation to work from and help you on your way to having the perfect dog.

Unlike many other classes that are around these classes are kept to low numbers, only 5-7 dogs at any one time. Having only a small number in the class allows for more time being spent with each handler and in turn having more learning time.

In this class we will teach  

  • Sit  - Teach your dog to sit on command
  • Down  - Teach your dog to lay down on command
  • Stay  -  Your dog will stay in one place for 2 minutes 
  • Leave   -  Your dog will need to leave food/objects and walk straight past. 
  • Recall  -  Teach you how to get your dog back to your side when called

Next Obedience Class

  • Wednesday 22nd May 7:30pm
  • 4 week course
  • £35.00
  • The Scot's Hall, Allensbank Crescent, Cathays, CF14 3PR

How To Book

STEP 1:  Complete the on line booking form below
STEP 2:  Choose date/s 
STEP 3:  Pay on line to reserve a place
STEP 4:  Receive confirmation via email within 48 hours
STEP 5:  Meet at the location

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