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Dog Behaviour Training and Modification

Specific dog behaviour issues may require a individual assessment of both owner and dog in the home environment.

Perhaps your dog is displaying one or more of the following behaviours?:


-Aggression towards People

-Aggression to dogs and/or animals

-Separation anxiety

-Possessive behaviours

-Excessive barking

-Lunging or barking at dogs and people

-Chasing bikes/cars etc

if so, you can get in touch with us to discuss your options further to see what we can do to help you and your dog. ​

What is included in the consultation?


We will first determine where we will need to meet you and your dog, we will either meet at your home to carry out the consultation or you will be invited to our behaviour and training centre in Cardiff.

Included in a consultation is the following: 

- Home visit or Invitation to our training centre (to be discussed via phone)

- Full behaviour assessment and behaviour observation.

- A written report and training plan for you to follow.

- Post assessment support*.

To book a behavioural consultation please call 029 2221 9687 Email: enquiries@canisbehaviour.co.uk or complete the form below.  If you are unable to get through then please leave a message with your name and number and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.


Further details of the types of behaviour that are most common are below.  

* Post assessment support gives you phone and email support of up to 4 weeks post initial full consultation.


Is my dog too old?

Age plays a big factor in determining the likely hood of the behaviour changing. Although dogs can learn new skills at any age, it can be very difficult for them to change what could be a 'habit of a lifetime'!

How much training will my dog need?

it is quite impossible to determine how much training your dog will need. There are many factors that contribute to the length of time it takes to modify or change any behaviour if at all. The less ingrained the behaviour is the more likely it will be changed quicker. 

My dog is scared, can we still change the behaviour?

In most aggression cases the cause is likely to be a fearful state of mind. This fear could come from a negative experience to a deeper routed hereditary

two dogs aggression.jpg
Inter Dog Aggression (IDA)

Inter Dog Aggression is when dogs display aggression towards one another. Inter Dog Aggression (IDA) requires a Behavioural Assessment with an outlined action plan detailing the progression steps.

If you are in need of help with your dog that is displaying aggression towards other dogs or animals, please contact us or click here for more information.

dog bite person leg.jpg
Human Dog Aggression (HDA)

Human Dog Aggression is when dogs display aggression towards people, whether that's their owner, family, friends or a member of the public. This behaviour will require an in depth Behavioural Assessment to establish the route cause and implement an appropriate action plan with a view to modify or manage the behaviour. If you are experiencing any Human Dog Aggression issues, please contact us today to discuss your options and how we can help.