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Hello and welcome to my site.  My name is James Davies and I am a dog behaviour specialist, my job is to offer my expert advice to owners and to support them with any behavioural problems they may be experiencing with their dog.  I do not work alone, I use the natural instincts of my own dogs to help identify the root cause of other dog behaviour problems that owners may be experiencing with their dogs.   

With so many different approaches to dog training and it being such a controversial subject, it is essential that we do not make the mistake in choosing the wrong approach. 

With an ever changing society, one of modernisation, the use of the dog has changed.  Until just over one hundred years ago, most dogs worked for a living.  It was clear back then what was required of our dogs, now, in their domesticated lives, we haven’t a clue what is acceptable dog behaviour or what they should be doing.

We are a nation of dog lovers but, and this is a big but, dogs don’t fare well from too much attention or affection.  We should embrace what dogs can do for us not just for our emotions but for our sanity, the world we live in can be one of stress, depression and anxiety, we can let dogs take us away from all of this or they can add to it.  Dog training of recent has been fundamentally based on “dominance”, ”the pack leader” and “who’s the boss” theories!  These theories are out dated and all flawed and don’t hold any bearing in the domestic family dog. 

Dogs can appear to become dominant over their owners but in many cases this is just a sign of boredom and a lack of guidance.  It is therefore imperative that we take on a role more along the lines of a “doggy Government", where rules and order are enforced in order to keep peace and tranquillity.  This sounds awfully daunting but it really is straight forward. 

A dog’s companionship is second to none but when things go wrong it can be a very lonely and frustrating time. I believe that by teaching you to understand dogs and the mechanisms of their natural behaviour I can give you the tools to develop a fulfilling relationship.  After all, dogs are man's best friend not their enemy.  

Our philosophy is based on training the owner...

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day,
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.."​

My work is predominately in helping owners with aggressive dogs, whether it’s dog to dog aggression or dog to people aggression.  In most cases it is a fear based aggression and cannot be resolved by avoidance behaviour or distraction training.  It is absolutely essential that a dog behaviour problem is assessed accurately to enable a comprehensive action plan that works. 

I am based in Cardiff, South Wales but travel all over the UK.  I carry out dog training classes in Barry and in Cardiff and conduct dog behaviour consultations throughout the UK.

Dog Aggression
Destructive Behaviour

Is your dog destroying your home?


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Dog Aggression
Dog jumping up

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Dog Aggression
Dog Aggression

Why is my dog being aggressive?

Is your dog aggressive towards people or dogs?


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Dog Aggression
Seperation Anxiety

You can't leave your dog anywhere without them having seperation anxiety?


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Does your dog have a behavioural problem?

Specific dog behaviour issues may require a individual assessment of both owner and dog in the home environment.

If your dog is displaying any unwanted behaviour such as Aggression towards people or dogs.  Separation anxiety. Guarding food, toys or other items. Destructive behaviour at home. Excessive barking.  It is recommended that you have a behavioural consultation.

A behavioural consultation with James will last up to 3 hours and will include:

  • A full assessment of the dog at your home with James on a one to one basis
  • He will establish what is triggering the behaviour
  • We will carry out practical work to demonstrate a method which will work for both you and your dog
  • You will get a written action plan to refer and keep
  • You will have full after-care support, via telephone or email
  • You will receive your personal log in details to access the website for support from James, review your action plan and give progress reports. 

The cost for a behavioural consultation with James is £75.00. 

To book a behavioural consultation please call 01446400856 / 07446171697 or complete the form below.  If you are unable to get through then please leave a message with your name and number and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible..