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Training your new pup...

Training and socialising your puppy from a young age is an essential part of your dogs development.  The sooner your pup learns social skills and some manners the sooner you and your pup will enjoy walking and meeting new dog owners and other dogs.  

Help your new puppy start off on the right foot and join the Little Canis'.

Little Canis is a 6 week course covering the following training:



  • SIT  -  Teach your pup to sit on command.

  • DOWN  -  Teach your pup to lay on command.

  • STAND - Teach your pup to stand after a lay or sit.

  • RECALL  -  Come when called.

  • PLACE/POSITION - Teach your pup to go to a "place" to stay i.e his or her bed.

  • POSSESSIVE BEHAVIOUR - Help your dog accept people near to their food and not to become aggressive.

  • SAFE HANDLING - This will help desensitise your pup to being touched for Vets visits and groomers.

  • STAY - We will teach your pup to stay in one spot until you return.

  • EYE CONTACT  -  Teach your dog to respond to their name and look at you.

  • HOUSE TRAINING - Understand how to house train your new pup 

  • SAFE PLAY - Learn how to play safely with your pup. 

  • Social interaction with people to help desensitise.  

  • Social interaction with other dogs.

  • Fun games for the whole family.




Cost of course | £95.00                                



*Pups will need to have been vaccinated to join the course.



The classes will help your puppy learn social skills with both people and dogs, thus helping in keeping them safe when out on walks.  We will teach them cues that will help them in early stages and this will give them the head start that they need so much to help ensure they become well adjusted members of your family and society.

What to expect in a training class: 


Introduction - On week one you will attend WITHOUT YOUR PUPPY as this is an introduction week.


Class dates, times and location..

Cardiff classes

Canis Training Centre

Heol Y Parc

Cardiff Gate

CF14 0HY

Cost of course | £95.00

Next Available Dates

Saturday Class

Saturday 21st September 10:00am - 10:45am

Wednesday Class

Wednesday 18th September 7:00pm - 7:45pm

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Why choose our puppy training class?

- Force Free Dog Training


We use positive reinforcement to achieve the command being taught, when teaching a new cue or trick your dog should be having fun. This will encourage them to learn quicker.

- Behaviour Advice


With the support of James who will be assessing the pups throughout the weeks and if there are any concerns then he will advise you on the correct steps you should take to ensure your puppy remains as well adjusted as possible.

- Support

With trainers on hand each week, we can help you with any on-going support throughout the weeks.

- Fun and Informative

 The classes are fun and informative for the whole family.  There will be opportunities for the whole family, adults and the kids to join in and train the dog through games and mental stimulation.

- Manageable class size

Having lotas of dogs in a class can be stressful for both dog and owner.  Having 20-30 unruly dogs in a class can pose a difficulty in giving enough time to each pup.  Our classes are limited to 8-10 pups, allowing each puppy to have more one to one time.

How to book...

STEP 1:  Choose your class.
STEP 2:  Pay online to reserve a place.
STEP 3:  Meet at the location.

STEP 4:  Train your pup.

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