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Training your dog is a fundamental part of responsible dog ownership. You cannot expect your dog to behave if you haven't given them a chance to understand how. You can choose from the classes below to get your dog and your relationship pointing in the right direction. You will need to complete each level to progress to the next. ​

Level 1: £95.00 (£45.00 if you've completed our Little Canis class.)

  • BASIC LEARNING PSYCHOLOGY -  Understand the basics of the dog learning psychology.  

  • SIT  -  Teach your pup to sit on command.

  • DOWN  -  Teach your pup to lay on command.

  • STAND - Teach your pup to stand after a lay or sit

  • PLACE - Teach your dog to go to a position such as his bed.

  • POSSESSIVE BEHAVIOUR - Help your dog accept people near to their food and not to become aggressive.

  • Heel & Close - Teach your dog to come into the position of heel and close.

  • STAY - We will teach your dog to stay in one spot until you return.

  • EYE CONTACT  -  Teach your dog to respond to their name and look at you.

  • HOUSE TRAINING - If you need support with this then we are here to help 

  • Social interaction with people to help desensitise.  

  • Social interaction with other dogs.

Level 2: £45.00 (6 weeks)

All of the above PLUS...

  •           DISTANCE CONTROL -  Introduction to distance obedience.

  •           SPIN - Teach your dog to turn 360 degrees. 

  •           LEAVE - Teach your dog to leave objects such as food items and rubbish.

  •           "BACK IT UP" - Teach your dog to walk backwards away from you.

  •           DISTRACTION CONTROL - Dogs can be impulsive, learning the skill of being            patient and waiting for something they want is a key life skill

Level 3: £45.00 (6 weeks)

All of L1 and L2 PLUS...

  •          DISTANCE CONTROL - Teaching your dog to respond at a distance

  •          STOP - Teach your dog to stop no matter where they are.

  •          OFF LEAD LEAVE - As it says!

  •          HEEL & CLOSE OFF LEAD - Teaching your dog to walk by your side when off           lead.

  •          INTRODUCTION TO AGILITY - Free introduction lesson to our Agility classes.



*Dogs will need to have been vaccinated to join the course.

Sign up using our on-line booking form or give us a call: 029 2221 9687


Why choose our Obedience class?


Force Free Dog Training

We use positive reinforcement to train the command being taught, when teaching a new command or trick your dog should be having fun. This will encourage them to learn quicker and be happier to undertake the training.

Behaviour Advice

With the support form behaviour and training experts who will be continually assessing the dogs throughout the weeks and if there are any concerns then they will advise you on the correct steps you should take to ensure your dog remains as well adjusted as possible.

(This is not a substitute for underlying behavioural problems.  Underlying problems should be assessed with a behavioural consultation)


Having support each week with your training, you will be sure to successfully complete the training with great results. 

Fun and Informative

The classes are fun and informative for the whole family.  There will be opportunities for the whole family, adults and the kids to join in and train the dog through games and mental stimulation.


Class dates, times and location...


Cardiff class...


Canis training centre

Heol Y Parc

Cardiff Gate 

CF14 0HY


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How to book...



STEP 1:  Complete the online booking form below
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STEP 3:  Pay on line to reserve a place
STEP 4:  Receive confirmation via email within 48 hours
STEP 5:  Meet at the location

On-line Booking Form...


If you would like to attend any of the above classes then please complete this on-line booking form. Full details of what you will need to bring and location details will be sent out via email.