Exercising a Border Collie

The Border Collie is renowned for its chasing(herding) of moving things and the need for extreme amounts of exercise. As true as this maybe, it's important to understand what you are expecting from your Border Collie.

There is a quote that says, "A Border Collie can do the work of 10 men or it can take 10 men to handle one Border Collie", I feel that this is very accurate quote for the breed. I actually have three Collies, two borders and one that is the Australian counterpart.

This is a border collie that attend Canis DayCare named Doug.

So this blog is to discuss the type of exercise that would be needed for this type of breed and similar breeds. You have to first understand how this breeds brain operates, how they think and what motivates them. Well the first thing to understand and realise is that this breed is a working breed. They LOVE to work, well most of them do anyway. Owning a dog or breed that wants to work can be a tiring and demanding relationship. They will need plenty of stimulation, key word STIMULATION!

All animals regardless of species or breed need some form of stimulation to help live a successful and fulfilled life. The problem here is that the only thing many border collie owners think of is pure exercise. Using a Frisbee, sticks or the more popular ball thrower!

All of the above items are a great way to physically stimulate your border collie, however, doing this day in day out without any other form of stimulation runs the risk of creating an obsessive dog and let me be clear that obsessions are unhealthy, full stop!

This is the problem with this breed and similar, they want a job to do but if the job is repeated time and time again it becomes a very strong habit that they admittedly become very good at but it can effect their ability to interact with their environment. For instance if your collie only chases a ball when it's out it will likely stop wanting to interact with other dogs or people. This creates all sorts of problems because your dog will likely regress with their social skills.

The solution for a happy healthy well exercised and non obsessive border collie is to have a varied way of stimulating them. Physical exercise, mental exercises and plenty of productive socialisation with their environment.

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