A simple dog training secret...

When we think of dog training we think 'treats', lots of treats!! Bacon flavour treats, yummy sausages, tasty chicken, perhaps those 'treaty biscuits' that were on offer at your local pet store!? Well what if I told you that all you really needed was your dogs food!? Depending on what you feed your dog, there are solutions on how you can feed them it as a food reward. To be perfectly honest though, it’s no big secret in the dog training world to use the dogs food as a reward. However, in my experience of conducting dog training classes it would appear 99% of owners are completely flummoxed by the idea. It's a simple idea, you take your dogs daily allowance of food and use it periodically throughout the day to train them. It does require that your dog have an appetite but this is possible to achieve by only feeding them their own food and nothing else! It can take a couple of days to build up an appetite big enough for them to want to take their food as a reward. Why not try it, from the moment you read this, no longer feed them their entire allowance at once, but instead make their food last for around 15-20 minutes (twice a day) whilst you train them. By adopting this method of feeding and training you will start to create a bond between you and your dog like never before. You want good recall? No problem! You want them to settle down at a coffee shop? No problem! You can pretty much get them to cooperate with anything, especially as this will be the only way they get food. Animals love to work for food, it’s in their nature to do so and dogs are no exception. Dogs love to work and there’s nothing better than having fun teaching your dogs new skills.

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